Welcome to Oilily Bags

The Spring/Summer 2017 Oilily Bags are now in and some are included in the pictures below.  Whether there will be an Oilily Autumn/Winter 2017 bag collection remains to be seen.  We usually foward order around this time, but nothing is on offer at the moment. Who knows what is in store!

Looking for a Baby Changing Bag?  Today we have a choice of 18 styles available, plus 14 Back Packs.
Here at Vanhuizen, we are also long established suppliers of children's clothing to UK Boutiques and shops in the UK, for which we are well known.

All items for UK customers, except for one or two smaller items, are now sent by Hermes delivery service, which has proved to be very cost effective and reliable to date, normally taking three days to reach you.

For overseas deliveries, we continue to utilise the Post Office, where, unlike UK deliveries, prices increases were limited and for this the service also continues to be excellent. If you require an alternative service, then please contact us, and we'll do out best to help you.

Please contact us via the following means:

e-mail: Please use the message box on our Contact Details page to send us any questions, queries, etc.  This is in an effort to stop the spam we have been receiving as a result of having our e-mail address on display!  

01225 700 699
from outside UK: +44 (0)1225 700 699

skype: vanhuizen61
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